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testimonials of the key of David

The "Key of David" is a sermon Pastor Gamble has been teaching for the past 7 weeks based on the scripture references Isaiah 22:15-25 and Revelation 3:7-8. Every member and visitor who has walked through the church door has received their own tangible representation of the Key of David by being given a laminated key, the words “The Key of Prayer and The Word of God Only Work When Turned by Faith,” written above it. Members and visitors by faith have been encouraged to keep their keys within reach during prayer, reminding them of the authority they have been given through Christ Jesus. The authority given to us as children of God has allowed us to open doors that can never be closed and close doors that can never be opened. Jesus is the owner of this Key, but he has given us the authority to use it through our relationship with Him. One testimony arose through the use of this key from a visitor by the name of Barbara Collins who not only received a key...but turned her key by faith. Her grandson needed $4,000 to attend school, had a band scholarship in which he had lost after having a rough semester with classes. She let him borrow her key and told him to have faith in God (mind you, this young man already had great faith). To make a long story short, the grandson was able to obtain $4,000 within a week’s time through family members who gladly gave $500, $200 and even $2,000 after Sis. Collins reluctantly called around for help. He ended up having more than enough. Not only did Sis. Collins work her faith, her grandson worked his as well and he started school right on time.

After hearing this great news, Jeremy, Sis. Collins’s son, said that he needed a key cause $7,000 was needed for his trucking company’s insurance and he didn’t have the money on hand. This money was also needed by a deadline. A family member who was a guest of Sis. Collins also received a key but she wasn’t using hers, so Sis. Collins took it and gave it to Jeremy. He put his faith to work and by the end of the deadline he obtained the $7,000 which was also within a week’s time.

The key is also good for healing of the body! One morning, Sis. Collins woke up having excruciating pain. She says she sleeps with her key under her pillow just to have it near her. For some reason, the key was on the floor as she was moving to rise up out of bed. She declared that her body would be healed after reaching down and getting her key. The end result is predictable.

Another child of God healing testimony through the faith of the key of David: A diabetic, sugar was always in the 200 range decided to sleep with his key of David under his pillow...after doing so his sugar has gone to the 90's!!! He said he never was able get it in this normal range...Praise God!!!!

If we exercise our faith and know the authority we have through Jesus Christ, we can have whatever we ask God for. We can open doors of prosperity, healing, deliverance and financial blessings that no man can close and close doors of sickness, fear, sin and defeat that no man can open. Through the key and power of Christ Jesus, live life to the fullest and be the best you can be on this earth. Get your key while the sermon is still being preached!!

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