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Dr. Leslie Gamble, Jr. 

Dr. Leslie Gamble, Jr. is a native of Mobile, Alabama and the son of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Gamble, Sr. He received his early, middle, and secondary education in the Mobile County School District. He is a high school graduate of Williamson High School.

Dr. Gamble commenced his post secondary education at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, AL where he received his undergraduate degree in Political Science and a minor in Psychology. Upon graduating from college, Dr. Gamble moved to Augusta, Georgia.

In Augusta, he found employment at Fort Gordon, Georgia working for the Department of Defense. While working at the Department of Defense, Dr. Gamble entered the field of education at Paine College and the Augusta State University in Augusta, Georgia. After receiving his education certification, he worked for seven years in the Richmond County School District as an elementary teacher at Jamestown Elementary School in Hephzibah, Georgia. 

As an elementary and middle school teacher, Dr. Gamble received his master degree and specialist degree from Cambridge College in Massachusetts which included summer residence in Cambridge, Massachusetts. After receiving his master degree in education, Dr. Gamble was employed in the Aiken County School District where he served as assistant principal for three years at LBC Middle School in Warrenville, SC.

After serving in the Aiken County School District, Dr. Gamble worked in the Greenwood School District as an assistant principal at Emerald High School for two years. In 2006, Dr. Gamble was elected Principal of Emerald High School where he served for three years. Afterwards, he served as district grant coordinator for Greenwood District 50.

While working as principal and grant coordinator, Dr. Gamble worked on his terminal degree also known as doctorate degree. Dr. Gamble’s doctorate research dissertation consisted of organizational redesign and organizational restructuring in schools and organizations in order to facilitate sustainable reform. This doctoral experience enabled him to compile and analyze data into usable application for curriculum and instructional design. Dr. Gamble completed and received his education doctoral degree and was awarded with Summa cum Laude honors in Administration and Supervision at Georgia Southern University in 2010.

As a young man, Dr. Gamble knew he was called of God to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Dr. Gamble received his minister license at the New Frazier Temple Church of God in Christ in Augusta, GA in 2000, under the jurisdiction of Bishop Mark Walden, Prelate of Northern Georgia II.  

In August 2009, Dr. Gamble became pastor of Scurry Spring Baptist Church in Chappells, SC outside of Greenwood, SC. He held the position of pastor for about three years before moving back to the state of Alabama.

Dr. Gamble was an ordained elder in the Church of God In Christ. He is a spiritual mentor, advisor, and leader who writes, preaches, teaches, speaks the faith of God, and lives in the abundance of Christ. Some of his sermons and teachings can be found at and on YouTube.


Dr. Gamble is a published author. He has written several nonfictional books entitled: Faith Driven, Faith Proven, and Faith Spoken. He has also written 35 new books awaiting publication.

Dr. Gamble is the founder and pastor of Manifest Presence International Church. Dr. Gamble is married to the lovely First Lady Johnnie Gamble and is the father of Brittany Gamble and Leslie “LG” Gamble, III.

First Lady Prophetess Johnnie Mae Gamble



The highly devoted and dedicated wife of  Dr. Leslie Gamble, Jr. for over twenty-five years and the proud mother of two brilliant beautiful children, Brittany Nicole Gamble and Leslie Gamble, III. Prophetess Gamble is an ordained teacher and counselor who is compassionate about her work in God's Kingdom and loves doing outreach with the sick and shut-in, as well as community service to others. God uses Prophetess Gamble to reach the bound and shackled souls.

Born locally in Mobile, Alabama, she has worked at several renown businesses: Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences (Forensic Technician), Twin Oaks Nursing Home (Certified Nursing Assistant), University of South Alabama (Sterile Technician), Bright Star Home Care, Spherion and recently has been supervisor at Pilot with Felder Services. 


Prophetess Gamble is able to handle all types of personalities and capable of thinking outside the box. She has dealt with most situations you could only imagine. People feel free and comfortable to open up and speak out with this wonderful woman of God's cloth.

This God sent woman of intelligence is a peculiar person. She sees firsthand how to listen and tap into the creative things of life before speaking a word. She's never been confined in a box and is always going above and beyond in her duties. 


Prophetess Gamble loves many hobbies including: cleaning, reading, writing, crocheting, sewing, arts and crafts brings out her creativeness and high quality. Every project brings on a new leaf of life.

She has much love, peace, and happiness to share with even the elderly and feeble minded. She has always been the center of peace with her own siblings, praying for them and telling them to hold on, not give up and God will step up. 

She is a firm believer of 1 John 2:15-16 which says, " Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world."

Prophetess Gamble has experienced her share of heartaches and struggles but somehow God always allows her to bounce back, pick up the pieces and move forward. She has always been one of the most strongest, motivated, dedicated, and devoted woman of her time. A hard willing worker that gets the job done. 

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