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Jehovah Rapha, The Lord who Heals

The man of God had a Word from the Lord on Sunday "24 hour Turn Around"...

If this church had a newsletter, The headline of the MPIC Gospel Newsletter would be read as Jehovah Rapha, The Lord who heals...

one of the current news articles...

a couple of ministers (sister & brother) requested prayer for their sister, who was terminal ill in ICU, later the evening we received news about their sister, the bleeding has stopped & she has been removed from ICU to a regular room and eating...all happening in the matter of hours after prayer! And this not all, she was released to go home the next day and doing Great!

Look at God doing a 24 hour turnaround! of the brothers in Christ, who lives out of state sent an email shoutout yesterday...

God bless you all! I went to see my oncologist on today. He let me know after getting blood and urine from me that I was doing fine. The prostate cancer had gone from a 17 to a .01 and that was good. That means that the radiology I was given was doing what it was supposed to do.

Now that's what he said. I say, through the blood and power of Jesus Christ, I have been made whole. Praise God for His healing power. I am cancer free! Thank you Jesus! Thank you also for your prayers... Glory Hallelujah!!!!

and a third...I myself have experience Jehovah Rapha this past week...

I received test results of my blood lab work: excellent organ functions, excellent cholesterol levels, excellent glucose levels, excellent thyroids, excellent calcium and bone density...everything is Excellent Normal...

By me being obese, this is a MIRACLE...God is keeping me strong!

If you need to experience a 24 hour turnaround head to MPIC!

News Flash! The breaking gospel news of the week:

Jehovah Rapha- The Lord who Heals within a 24 hour Turnaround!

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