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M.P.I.C. Ministries


  Dr. Leslie Gamble, Jr.

        Senior Pastor

This ministry, led by pastor and deacons of MPIC, is to encourage, strengthen, and equip the men to become strong leaders. The Brotherhood is organized to minister to men of  all ages, starting @ age 12  in our communities drawing them to Christ. Our goal is to be an example and teach all men how to be men of God.

Meeting: Every 4th Saturday @ 9am-11am

      Youth Ministry

         Sister Valerie Nelson

                Youth Pastor

This ministry focuses on the young people of our church and community. We attempt to develop God fearing, Bible believing youth that know their purpose in life and develop and use their God given gifts to bring glory to God.

   Deacon Board Ministry                   Brother Paul King

                   Head Deacon

  W.O.W. (Women of Worship)

         Prophetess Johnnie Mae Gamble

                            First Lady

This ministry, although designed for women, was created to enable the ladies of Manifest Presence an opportunity to pour out their treasured gifts deposited by the Holy Spirit; either through worship, departing of Godly wisdom and spiritual encouragement for the uplift of His Kingdom; to be helpers of one another, building each other up as the Word of God commanded us to do. Opportunities of worship such as Sunday Morning SOAKING and Saturday LUNCH HOUR, every 4th Saturday@ 12 noon.

Minister Ministry

This ministry is to provide resources and encouragements to those who are changing the world through the proclamation of God's Word.

This ministry assists in ushering in the presence of God during the worship experience by offering assistance wherever needed.

This ministry, lead by Deacon King, to teach aspiring deacons to become morally pure, spiritual mature, doctrinally strong and to be a good example in his family life & community. Deacon refers to one who serves...

  Outreach/ Mission              Ministry

This ministry provides service and comfort for our members that are going through periods of illness’ and organize sponsored events to win souls or Christ and the up-building of His Kingdom.

This ministry provides a learning environment where one can obtain a better knowledge of God, experience His love, and develop a lifelong relationship with Him.

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